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I live and breathe German folk music.

As a child with multi-ethnic heritage, the family home flourished with German culture and music. After graduating from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, I spent the next 20 years as a music instructor at both the Hochstein Music School and Allendale Columbia School, all the while spending my weekends yodeling and playing at German festivities.

I have since retired from teaching and I play full time now, having just completed a successful 2016 Oktoberfest season with 30 performances.

If you are looking for authentic German Music for your event, please consider my talents. Whether playing solo or with a band, there’s nothing I would rather be doing...
except, maybe rock climbing!






August 2022    
Thurs. 4 Classical Piano at Edna Tina   Thurs. 18 History of the Accordion at Edna Tina
Thurs. 4 Classical piano at St. Anns   Fri. 19 History of the Accordion at Heathwood
Tues. 9 History of the Accordion at Elder One   Sat. 2 Private Birthday Party
Tues. 9 Classical piano at Quail Summit   Sun. 21 Private Anniversary Party
Wed. 10 "1972" at Hamilton Manor   Wed. 24 Classical Piano at Park Crescent
Wed. 10 Private Birthday Party   Wed. 24 History of the Accordion at St. Anns
Thurs. 11 Classical Piano at Castle Pointe   Thurs. 25 German Night at Chapel Oaks
Thurs. 11 Classical Piano at Sage Harbor   Fri. 26 Swan Market
Fri. 12 Polka Party at The Grand   Sat. 27 Attica German Fest
Fri. 12 German Fest   Wed. 31 "I Love Lucy" presentation at Cherry Ridge
Sat. 13 Private Wedding      
Mon. 15 Polka Party at Hurlbut      
September 2022    
Thurs. 1 "I Love Lucy" presentation at Chapel Oakes   Mon. 19 Oktoberfest at Hurlbut
Thurs. 1 Irondequoit Farmer's Market   Wed. 21 Accordion Music at the Episcopal Home
Wed. 7 Greece Community Luncheon   Thurs. 22 Sing-a-long at Edna Tina Wilson
Wed. 7 Oktoberfest at Seneca Nursing   Thurs. 22 Fairport Oktoberfest
Thurs. 8 Rush Seniors Oktoberfest   Thurs 22 Oktoberfest at the Jewish Home
Fril 9 Driveway Dance   Fril 23 Apple Festival at Shore Winds
Sat. 10 Private Backyard Oktoberfest   Fril 23 Fairport Oktoberfest
Wed. 14 History of the Accordion at Hamilton Manor   Sat. 24 Fairport Oktoberfest
Thurs. 15 Oktoberfest at Gables of Brighton   Sun. 25 My Saloon Oktoberfest
Fri. 16 Webster Oktoberfest   Wed. 28 Oktoberfest at Glenmere
Fri. 16 Rohrbach Oktoberfest   Wed. 28 Hamlin Seniors Oktoberfest
Sat. 17 Lincoln Hill Farms Oktoberfest   Thurs. 29 Oktoberfest at Village at Unity
Sat. 17 Irondequoit Beer Company Oktoberfest   Thurs. 29 German Night at Chapel Oaks
Sun. 18 History of the Accordion at Park Cresent   Fri. 30 Swan Market
      Fri. 30 History of Accordion at St. Anns
      Fri. 30 Brindhaus Oktoberfest
October 2022  
Sat. 1 Private Backyard Oktoberfest   Sat. 15 Faiport Erie Canal Cruise Oktoberfest
Sat. 1 Faircraft Brauhaus Oktoberfest   Sat. 15 Genesee Yacht Club
Sun. 2 Private Backyard Oktoberfest   Sun. 16 Private Oktoberfest at Rheinblick Restaurant
Mon. 3 History of the Accordion at Chestnut Court   Mon. 17 Oktoberfest at Elder One
Wed. 5 Akron Seniors Oktoberfest   Tues. 18 Canandaigua Seniors Oktoberfest
Wed. 5 Oktoberfest at Edna Tina   Wed. 19 "World of Nonsense Songs" at Edna Tina
Thurs. 6 Oktoberfest at Quail Summit   Wed. 19 Parma Hilton Seniors Oktoberfest
Fri. 7 Oktoberfest Cherry Ridge   Thurs. 20 St. Anns Oktoberfest
Sat. 8 Swiftwater Brewing Oktoberfest   Sat. 22 Young Lion Brewery Oktoberfest
Tue. 11 Dude Party at St. Anns   Mon. 24 Oktoberfest at Shore Winds
Wed. 12 Oktoberfest at Medina Memorial   Wed. 26 Music at Hurlbut
Wed. 12 Oktoberfest Hamilton Manor   Thurs. 27 German Night at Chapel Oaks
Thurs. 13 Oktoberfest at Park Crescent   Fril 28 Swan Market
Fri. 14 Chili Seniors Oktoberfest